by Mark of Paradise on November 20th, 2017

  Recently I was exposed to a very judgmental and overpowering energy coming from a person that I came in contact with. I noted within myself that I had no need to defend my self, though I did take a bit of the negativity into my field. 
  I searched within and found that I had some unresolved issues myself from being bullied when I was a young boy. Now as an adult, through many experiences, I can step back from the situation and observe objectively. 
  Funny how old patterns of being treated negatively or judged can work to teach us! First, I believed that it was important to forgive myself. To see that I do not have any responsibility as to how another chooses to react towards me. It can be a challenge at times to live my own life, let alone carrying someone else's "stuff" along with me on my journey. My next recommendation is that, I feel it is most important to forgive the person that has created the negative energy in the first place. Yes, at times this can be hard, I understand that. We need to process the experience to it's fullest till we make peace. In the long run though, why carry this energy any longer than when the lesson has been learned? Seeing that the person has been harmed themselves previously in their life; bullied themselves! They are only expressing the fear that they carry toward showing of themselves a pure, loving, relationship to all others, thus not allowing the situations in their life to overshadow the responsibility to treat others with the respect that every human-being deserves first! Even when one may feel bad, sad, or angry inside.
  Just a thought, see if you can work from the premise of "love first and ask questions later". This world reflects back to us the lessons that teach the most in any given moment. So rejoice in the lightening of your energetic field through the art of deep forgiveness. 

Blessings of peace to you!

Mark of Paradise

Posted on December 24th, 2016



by MarkofParadise on September 11th, 2016

The Original 4...

In the time of the Mist, the stones of antiquity watched in reverence.
Four souls intwined in a loving dance of remembrance. 
A stream near guides the magical union,
The circle now complete.
Smoke rises a blue grey of the horse's eye,
The milky dream reaches the highest needle of the tallest tree.
Oh how we dance, oh how we dance.
Lightness of the heart, balanced with a feather...
What wisdom does the conflageration impart to the faces present?
Will the sage first see the impassiond plea or feel it?
Quiet strength binds the Four in perpetual renewal.
An amber spark departs the warmth of the flame...
How will time be reconed when its not what can be grasped?
The union of the soul, pieces reappear.
Wholeness now, forever, and never lost.
Complete the Masters Path, the work can never be done...
My heart sings as I fly in the protective breast of the moon.
The first sound of all creation, the owl now finds voice.
A forest grove, manifests a timeless journey.
A friendship exemplifies the purest aspects of The All...

by Mark of Paradise on April 26th, 2016

"If God Had Meant Man to Fly...

He Would Have Given Him Wings" 

or: Up to your ass in Aphorisms

                                                  If you're not alright the way you are
                                                  it takes a lot of effort to get better.
                                                  Realize you're alright the way you are,
                                                  and you will get better naturally.

                                                   You're god in your universe.
                                                   You caused it.
                                                   You pretended not to have caused it so that you could play in it,
                                          can remember you caused it any time you want to. 

                                                    This is it!
                                                    There are no hidden meanings.
                                                    All that mystical stuff is just what's so.
                                                    A master is someone who found out.

                                                    Obviously the truth is what's so.
                                                    Not so obviously, it's also so what.

(Copyright 1973 by Werner Erhard)​

by Mark Robert Mobley on March 9th, 2016

The Circadian Rhythm...

Science Daily describes it this way...

   A circadian rhythm is roughly [a] 24 hour cycle in the physiological processes of living beings, including plants, animals, fungi and cyanobacteria. In a strict sense, circadian rhythms are endogenously generated (having an internal cause or origin), although they can be modulated by external cues such as sunlight and temperature.

  Recently I have discovered... that after embarking on a​​ dietary program that includes Mediator Release Testing (MRT), which is the primary food sensitivity test for inflammation in the body. I found that after 10 months that my body was settling into a stable weight of 198 pounds.
  My height is just under 6ft, for a man my age (56YO) my optimal weight is between 133-179 pounds.
  In the researching of why I may be "weight challenged" or "stuck," I found that light introduced through the optic nerve of the eye triggers "the" wake-up call of our circadian rhythm (CR). I have found that gazing at the sun each morning within 15 minutes of sunrise (this can be safely accomplished due to the sun's low angle of incidence) will restart my CR internal clock.
  I have found that if I eat a very large high protein, low sugar breakfast immediately after I sun gaze (for 5 minutes), I find that I am satisfied throughout the morning well past my usual time for lunch! 
   Also, I've researched cold thermogenesis therapy (Doctor Jack Kruse has cutting edge information on this topic) can assist greatly in diminishing fat within the body. This is the same process that non-invasive body sculpting works on; usually a doctor will place a frozen metal plate on the client's bodily areas they would like diminished a little bit. For the past week, I have been submerging myself in our pool (58-64 degrees) each morning immediately after breakfast for 20 minutes. This I have found is an incredible meditation in breathing and acceptance of my physical environment.
  Remember, as mentioned above, that temperature and sunlight modulates our circadian rhythm. Blue light radiating from our technological devises such as phones, TV, computers, etc.. actually restart our inner clock, thus throwing our CR off, this is as if the sun is rising all over again! This has an ill effect on our individual body clocks. Even the gut has it's own body clock, that is influenced by light taken in through our eyes; leading to an imbalance throughout the body's systems. As a means to counter this effect, there are blue light filters for all of your technological screens; these are sold online (purchased ours through and these may help you as they have helped my family. 
   When it is dark, our bodies receive a signal to wind down, rest, recover, to sleep. This signal impacts everything from brain function, energy levels, appetite, hormone levels, to the function of your organs! Your emotional state, mood, and most of all in this article your metabolism is effected. If our CR clock is off, and the body feels that it is night when it is not... you get the idea.
  A circadian rhythm that is off time, disrupts the appetite regulation center of the brain; thus we tend to eat more, and the body's ability to digest will be impacted as well. As a consequence many of our naturally "timed" bodily functions are out of sync. 
   In closing, what do I want to share with you? How has my 198 pound body responded to my research? At the end of one week, on my new protocol, of wake, sun gaze 5 minutes, eat a big high protein low sugar breakfast, immerse my body in cold water for 20 minutes, drink lots of filtered non-floridated water (at least 1 gallon) throughout the day, light exercise in the late afternoon (around 5-6pm)  and...wait for it... my body has broken the hold it has had on losing weight! By four pounds. 194 pounds as of today 3/9/16 and continuing...I feel healthy, my snacking sensations have diminished significantly, and I feel well!  
  I have purposely not added a bunch of links for you to research, this is due to my feeling that if you are interested, then follow your own path. It will mean a lot more to you in the final analysis. 
 Bless you dearest ones on your journey to a vital, more healthy you!

​Mark of Paradise

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