Us Versus Them?...
by Mark Mobley on December 12th, 2015

We are Them...

  How many times have I said: "They want us to be in fear, it sells stuff!"

  Who exactly is "They?"  I have found true in my journey as Mahatma Gandhi said "Be the change that you want to see" I realize now that there is no "They" there is only "We." As soon one says "They," it gives our power to an unknown entity; and there truly is no "they" in this world, we are all one human family and there is only we... the world is us!
  If there ever was a "they..." "they" would love for us to believe it! thus giving away our ultimate power, that we would unknowingly and so freely provide!  Word play has a frequency, just like sound instruments do. Think of the power that words and thoughts have; once said the thought/words are out there...for ever! 
  There is no separation, we are one human family, one Earth family, we are one! To believe otherwise is to believe that we are separate from God/Goddess/The One/ Great Spirit The All That Is... this is also known as the "Fall from Grace," the separation from Creator/Creatress... 
  We are divine, spiritual beings, that have chosen in this now moment to have a physical existence on Earth. We have always been one with the creator/creatress how could there every be a they/them? 

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