The Original Four
by MarkofParadise on September 11th, 2016

The Original 4...

In the time of the Mist, the stones of antiquity watched in reverence.
Four souls intwined in a loving dance of remembrance. 
A stream near guides the magical union,
The circle now complete.
Smoke rises a blue grey of the horse's eye,
The milky dream reaches the highest needle of the tallest tree.
Oh how we dance, oh how we dance.
Lightness of the heart, balanced with a feather...
What wisdom does the conflageration impart to the faces present?
Will the sage first see the impassiond plea or feel it?
Quiet strength binds the Four in perpetual renewal.
An amber spark departs the warmth of the flame...
How will time be reconed when its not what can be grasped?
The union of the soul, pieces reappear.
Wholeness now, forever, and never lost.
Complete the Masters Path, the work can never be done...
My heart sings as I fly in the protective breast of the moon.
The first sound of all creation, the owl now finds voice.
A forest grove, manifests a timeless journey.
A friendship exemplifies the purest aspects of The All...

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