Balancing your being from negative energy.
by Mark of Paradise on November 20th, 2017

  Recently I was exposed to a very judgmental and overpowering energy coming from a person that I came in contact with. I noted within myself that I had no need to defend my self, though I did take a bit of the negativity into my field. 
  I searched within and found that I had some unresolved issues myself from being bullied when I was a young boy. Now as an adult, through many experiences, I can step back from the situation and observe objectively. 
  Funny how old patterns of being treated negatively or judged can work to teach us! First, I believed that it was important to forgive myself. To see that I do not have any responsibility as to how another chooses to react towards me. It can be a challenge at times to live my own life, let alone carrying someone else's "stuff" along with me on my journey. My next recommendation is that, I feel it is most important to forgive the person that has created the negative energy in the first place. Yes, at times this can be hard, I understand that. We need to process the experience to it's fullest till we make peace. In the long run though, why carry this energy any longer than when the lesson has been learned? Seeing that the person has been harmed themselves previously in their life; bullied themselves! They are only expressing the fear that they carry toward showing of themselves a pure, loving, relationship to all others, thus not allowing the situations in their life to overshadow the responsibility to treat others with the respect that every human-being deserves first! Even when one may feel bad, sad, or angry inside.
  Just a thought, see if you can work from the premise of "love first and ask questions later". This world reflects back to us the lessons that teach the most in any given moment. So rejoice in the lightening of your energetic field through the art of deep forgiveness. 

Blessings of peace to you!

Mark of Paradise

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Vickie Mobley - November 23rd, 2017 at 7:59 PM
Excellent post Mark...and very relevant for these moments! I work with people who function at very low vibrations; they are concerned with self, money, acceptance by others, stature, material things and other pointless trappings of the one dimensional world or illusion/delusion in which many humans live. To that end, it is a daily ritual of mine to seek and remain in a place of mental quiet during the work hours, followed by an evening of quiet, stillness and meditation. I remind myself on a daily basis that the only tangible responsibility I have to self is to not take on the negativity of others and in doing so am able to have compassion. Everything else takes care of itself. The nature of my job is based in human emotion: I work at a veteran's cemetery in Texas. I believe my journey brought me here so I can continue to hone my ability to have compassion for others...without becoming responsible for taking on or taking in their emotions and mindsets. Every day that I am able to bring solace and comfort to another person without sacrificing my own is a blessed day. Silence, rest and a stilled,quiet mind...these are the intended outcomes for each and every day. For most, these things seem improbable and impossible; for me they are imperatives. My journey continues...inner peace is no longer a quest. It just is. Best Wishes!
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