Schedule a personal Sound healing session

How does a Sound Healing Session work exactly?

Mark, with The Resonance Code, is a certified Tibetan Bowl sound healing practitioner. He uses his training and intuitive energetic healing abilities with the Tibetan Singing Bowls providing a "safe space" for you to experience "your own innate healing abilities" working to provide a healing energetic through intention and high frequency sound.  
A session can be scheduled to take place in your home or anyplace that you feel the most comfortable. There will be a therapeutic massage table set up with singing bowls placed on and around the body. Laying down on your back covered with a light blanket from your neck to your toes, providing a comfy feel of protection and warmth.  An eye pillow lightly placed over the eyes allowing a sense of security and relaxation. Then the  light angelic sounds of the Koshi chimes are played as a guided visualization is spoken allowing  you to go ever deeper into  your healing experience.
The singing bowls each have an individual resonance that Mark knows intimately. If a bowl is not singing up to it's highest potential, it is noted, thus pointing to where in the body an  "energetic block" is located. This disharmony or blockage can be physical (such as an illness) or even emotional (as a past trauma held within the body) The singing bowl's gift is to bring to the surface  those disharmonies that are ready to be healed, cleared, and released with sound!
You can experience a new sense of balance by incorporating  the Bowls own innate ability to release past traumas both physical and emotional, thus promoting health! 

A typical Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Healing Session will last from one hour to one hour and a half. Set-up and take-down requires an half an hour each. So when you schedule an appointment please allow three hours total undisturbed "me time."

This experience can be one of liberation from past traumas, either physical, emotional or both. For thousands of years Sound Healing with Bowls have created spontaneous higher frequency body changes that result in peace with in the whole body structure. We welcome you to the safe healing space that resides within all of us... that place that brings health and vitality to our being. 

Sessions Start at $125.00*
Please Note:
Purchasing a sound healing session by The Resonance Code acknowledges that you agree with the following statement:

"I understand that Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Healing  Session that I receive is provided for the basic purpose of relaxation, stress reduction, and relief of muscular tension. I further understand that sound healing sessions provided by The Resonance Code should not be construed as a substitute for medical examination, diagnosis, or treatment, and that I should see a physician, chiropractor, or other qualified medical specialist for any mental or physical ailment that I am aware of.
I understand that sound healing  practitioners  are not qualified to perform skeletal adjustments, diagnose and/or prescribe, and that anything said in the course of the session should not be construed as such.
Because sound healing may be contraindicated under certain conditions, I affirm that I will state all my known medical conditions and answer all questions honestly at the "pre-session" interview.  I agree to keep the sound healing practitioner updated as to any changes in my medical profile and understand that there shall be no liability on the practitioner's part should I forget to do so." ​

*Travel fees for "outside" of the Borrego Springs, California area will be set at $33.00 per hour of drive time. 

**Thank you to Cyril (Dee) Weaver for the above photograph

Schedule A Sound Healing Concert

 Denise and Mark love to share their gift of sound! 

  Now you may  schedule a Sound Bath concert at your home or business especially special occasions, such as Weddings, Birthdays, and Meditations to name a few. Please let us know how we may co-create with you a blissful sound journey. 
  Share in and enjoy the healing resonance of the ancient Tibetan Singing bowls, Quartz Crystal bowls, Paiste planetary gongs along with a lovely Napalise gong! There will be a few other special musical treats that they bring along with them as well Like the popular Koshi chimes!
  Each concert is co-created in a sweet and loving collaboration new and fresh! Never scripted, allowing the magic healing frequency to manifest! 
  Denise and Mark set a dramatic stage of light and sound for your audience, incorporating a beautiful laser light "star field" that gently moves throughout the venue as they play their sacred instruments.
  A brief musically guided visualization at the beginning of the concert gives the participants a chance to really "de-stress from the outside world." The grounding and healing frequencies of sound intertwine within the body creating a wonderfully healing balance to mind, body, and spirit! A sense being in joy unconditionally can easily be attained!   
Concerts generally last approximately 1 1/2 hours. Setting the stage takes about an hour... take down is about the same. 
Schedule your special healing Sound Bath concert today! 

Concert pricing starts at $222.00*

*Travel fees for "outside" of the Borrego Springs, California area will be  set at $49.00 per hour of drive time. 

The above photo credit:  Borrego Sun photographer Harley De Vaux III (thank you Harley!)

SchedulE a Benefit Concert

​Benefit Concerts!!!

  In addition to what we offer above, we also lovingly hold Benefit Sound Bath concerts as a way of our service of giving.
In 2015 we held sound healing concerts for a dear friend of many here in Borrego Springs. She was in the process of physical healing. The loving result of many generous people in Borrego made each benefit concert a wonderful success! A few thousand dollars were raised!
  Also, in 2015 Liesel Paris and Cyril (Dee) Weaver of Liesel's Art Studio here in Borrego Springs, CA hosted us to perform a benefit concert for the "People of Nepal" after the devastating earth quake there. The result was a financial gift well into the multiple thousands of dollars to donate to the people of Nepal! 

Please let Mark and Denise know how they may be of service for your benefit! 


Shamanic Drum Journeys

Animal Guides
The Resonance Code presents Shamanic Drum Journeys...

  What a wonderful way to experience the "creative side" of meditation! This meditation/journey experience is hundreds of years old... maybe even thousands!
  This is how we create a Drum Journey meditation:  Shamanic Journeying is a simple ancient practice of meditation for finding answers. It can feel like a light trance, one that you are totally conscious in. It feels more powerful than just a normal meditation because it is a Journey! You feel yourself move into it and back, then often you get lessons or visions during it. It is a way for you to connect with your highest self and your Spirit guides.
  All that are in attendance of the drum journey create a "safe sacred space." This starts with each participant holding a loving heartfelt intention for the journey ahead. We say a prayer to "Great Creator Spirit" for guidance and protection. The seven sacred directions, and to all of our relations are honored at this time. Then, a Shamanic Drum is rhythmically played for a duration of approximately 30 to 40 minutes. During this time we have the opportunity to lovingly connect with our Spirit Guides, Angels, Archangels, Animal Helpers, to ask questions, and to take time to listen for answers; your imagination is unlimited! Imagination is the key as to how we connect to our guides and what we see and hear during our personal journey. Our guides want us to connect with them, to ask questions of them. All we have to do is ask!
  At times you may feel "I am just making this up!" well, most of us do at first! Then, in time, we ask our guides to give us a "message" and when we are at peace, and we are "in that still place" listening... answers will come to us, this can happen in many different forms. An Angel may come with a message of hope. An ancestor may come to us in a way that only could be them!  An animal could appear doing something that leads us to think "wow check that out!" What could this animal be telling me?  What are the characteristics of this species of animal? How can I reflect and learn from what this animal represents? 
  This is a great way to expand your thoughts of what is truly capable in your life. Allow your helpers to help you, but you first have to create a conscious relationship with them. Guides and Angels are with you at all times; so wouldn't it be great to find out who they are? To say hello! To tell them that you are very grateful for them taking such good care of you?
  Please let us know if you would like to journey to the land of your beloved Guides, Angels, and our Ancestors; we will put the wheel into motion.
  These journeys can be private if you prefer, though it can be very fun to journey with a group. At the end of the journey, sharing our experiences with each other only to find out that there were many attendees that had a similar experience, can be very enlightening. If you are interested, we will be happy to arrange a fun experience with you!

Recommended donations: $10.00  

Blessings of Joy,
Mark and Denise 

The Resonance Code Offers Space Clearing 

Space Clearing...
  So, what is space clearing? In almost every culture there is some form or tradition concerning the the ritual of "Space Clearing." This is an energetic blessing of clearing old, stagnate, and  sometimes heavy energy from your home or workspace. It can be considered a Ritual, Ceremony, Rite, Custom, Tradition, etc.., All these make it clear the importance of this ceremony.
  Think of what a "house warming party" brings to a home; Creating a new energetic freshness through blessings of joy to the home and for all who enter! Creating a loving, happy, and joyful environment.  
  A business may have a grand opening or an open house welcoming in new energies for a fresh start to that new business! Space Clearing rituals "cleanse an environment" of negative energies. These heavy energies can lurk unnoticed in a space for years! When we interact with these energies, we can feel them in our Physical, Mental and Spiritual bodies! Consider a situation like this: Coming home and all of a sudden you feel "heavy"...asking yourself something like: "Why am I feeling so irritable when I had such a great day today?" This is a sign that your space needs clearing.
The following are some good reasons that you may consider that a Space Clearing is for you:
* Prior to welcoming a new baby to the home
* Maybe a heated energetic exchange happened in the home or business
* After any illness was experienced in the home or business
* Empty Nest Syndrome 
* After a prolonged stay by guests in the home 
* You want a new start in your life... and you would like your home to follow your lead!
* Just a refresh of all stale energy
* Acquired antiques or artifacts
* If you are feeling stuck and not moving through life smoothly

  With each space clearing, there are some "preparation procedures" that need to be accomplished to the home or business. These are necessary to take place prior to starting the actual Space Clearing Ceremony. 
  The first step in successfully cleansing a space is to really clean it. This means to remove clutter, dust and any residual build up of actual dirt, dust or trash. Doors, cabinets, and drawers need to be open to allow the energy to be cleared. When these items have been taken care of, we will then continue with a ritual cleansing, accomplished with smudge, such as Sage, Juniper, or Palo Santo Wood... Note:  if residual sent of sage or incense is an irritant, then this step may be omitted and replaced by water in a bowl along with a candle placed in the middle of the bowl.
  Tibetan Singing bowls, Tibetan Tingshas, and Drums will provide the Space Clearing by high frequency sound, course ground salt is placed at windows and doorways to collect the stagnate and unwanted energies which in turn will  be removed and given back to Mother Earth as an energetic gift placed for her own healing. 
  Once a space has been cleared, this is the time to set a new intention for each space in the home or business. State your intention aloud and let your intention fill each space in your home. Such as sharing rest, and joy in the bedroom, productivity in the office, providing healthy food and nourishment in the kitchen, fellowship and relaxation in the living room, even a safe garage space to store household items and your car can be considered!
  Businesses can be cleared after regular business hours. Setting the intention for productivity, financial success and a happy work environment all can be keys to a thriving business!  
  If you would like for us to provide this service for your home or business, then please contact us and we will set-up an appointment for you! 

  Our pricing for Space Clearing is $99.00* for up to one hour and $20.00 for each 1/4 hour there after.

*Most standard home clearings last approximately one hour, plan a bit longer for larger homes such as 2500 square feet or more.  Additional time may be required if the outside property and outbuildings are to be cleared.