Hi, this is Nancy W.,  Myself and my husband have experienced your wonderful gongs, chimes and bowls and they have a very calming and peaceful affect on our souls! Try it, you'll like it!  
 Nancy W., Borrego Springs, CA
  Mark and Denise's passion for what they do is clear as they gently and lovingly guide you through a sound journey. Their skill and precision with the bowls and gongs translates to how you feel after being immersed in their sound bath; wonderful! I challenge anyone to stay cognizant through this exquisite sound experience. As your attention follows the sound frequencies from these ancient instruments, you lose all sense of time and space which allows you to access what it is you need in order to feel whole and complete. I am so honored to know these guys!
 Sara Fancy, of The Silver Horse Healing Retreat located in Warner Springs, California​
  I have personally known Mark as a friend for the past four years and Denise for the past year. We met Mark back in 2011 at the Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing School taught by Diane Mandel. During Mark's training there, I volunteered to be his "Practice Partner" for many hours of honing his skills as a "sound therapy practitioner" using the Tibetan singing bowls on and around the body. I noticed early on that he has a special healing gift with sound.
  I am the proprietor of "liesel's Art Studio" in Borrego Springs, California. We offer in our gallery many art pieces originating from the Himalayas made in the Hindu and the Buddhist traditions. This includes ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls. Mark and Denise have been invited to hold many Sound Healing Concerts and Gong Baths in our Gallery, always to the delight of all who attend. The people who come to these concerts have experienced a whole array of beautiful responses! From falling into the deepest of sleep too feeling healing energy moving freely through the body! Always a loving, and healing experience with Denise and Mark. 
Liesel Paris, of Liesel's Art Studio Borrego Springs, California
  The room is quite. 
  The people are waiting with open hearts and anxious spirits.    
  Waiting for the mystical sounds and vibrations of the Tibetan Singing Bowls.
  Mark and Denise will touch each bowl or gong and send the soft sounds and
  vibrations through THEIR BODY, out into the air to fill the hearts and souls of
  all in the room. You have now entered the world of relaxation and peace, thanks
  to Mark and Denise.   
Beautiful website Mark of Paradise,
Beautiful letter...["A Beautiful Day" Blog entry] and I loved how you mentioned leaving Romantic Love in the Dust...that is where it should have been left eons ago....but the conditioning...the conditioning!
Many blessings on your website venture and your connection with your beloved grace of the coyote's calling of purity of your truth, ravened  innocence, and resonant freedom on your road of remembrance and awakening.

"The Hopi chants eternally in standing state of vibrational harmonization, a crystal bender, brainwave  blender, hummingbird bridged, aura mender, a silken wave of consciousness remembered... pure LUV... (Lowest, Unified, Velocity Field)"  

  "I met Mark when he came with my friend, Tish Wagner, to visit me.   I was in the visioning process of creating Mountain Valley Retreat and Mark and Tish were the most amazing support for that process!  We have been friends and mutually supportive to each others lives ever since.  Denise and I met soon after I met Mark and I knew that the magic of life was in full flow!   
  I have a Yurt at Mountain Valley Retreat and the acoustics are special.  When Mark and Denise play concerts here the Field Resonates with Love.  Mark and I co-create yoga classes.  My Yin Style of Yoga is complemented with his Tibetan Bowl Sound Baths!
The union of these two remarkable individuals is truly a gift, not only to them, but to all of us who get to witness what they are creating together." 
Mountain Valley Retreat
35690 Montezuma Valley Road
Ranchita, CA  92066
  My name is Betty Patterson, I am now retired in Baja Mexico. My home is in Borrego Springs California, where I practiced Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, taught clases of Qigong, Tai-chi, and yoga for many years.
  I got acquainted with Mark thru a mutual friend who was also practicing the art of resonance with Tibetan bowls. I was fascinated and soon became one of Marks "practice partners" that he practiced on. I loved my sessions, lying in his beautiful house, surrounded by all the bowls, some he put on my body as well. I would soon escape this world and felt transported? to a sea of well being and peace, any bodily or emotional pain disappeared.
  When Mark took his final examination [to become certified as a Tibetan Bowl Sound Healer] I was his practice partner then too; a wonderful experience!
  A few months ago, I was involved in a severe automobile accident. I ended up recovering in a nursing home for a long time...one day, I suddenly felt this wonderful pain free moment and was basking in it, when an aide came in to "here to take your vitals" but she left without disturbing me...she later told me that I looked like I was in heaven! Unbeknown to me, this happened while Mark and Denise were holding a concert on my behalf back in Borrego!!! All the proceeds from the two concerts that they held for me, they gave to me for my medical expenses!!!!!! What else can I say?
​  Thank you Mark, for being who you are, a healer,  a friend, and a talented artist of life.

In Light, Peace, and Healing BE
Betty Patterson 

 "I have hosted sound therapy events by Denise and Mark at our resort on multiple occasions. I find their sessions to be enjoyable and beneficial and they were very well received by our guests, as well".

Dan Wright (General Manager)  
The Springs at Borrego RV Resort