The Artist PSonn Allure A
At the Resonance Code we proudly Introduce an incredible artist...way ahead of all time.
In this presentation a beautiful introduction written in PSonn's own (heart) words...

Artist's Proof

B.A.L.A.N.C.E of Sound and Light
B. Both
    A. Atlantis
      L. Lemuria
     A. Aligned
N. Now
               C. Continuously 
            E. Effervescing  
Consider "Sound" as the feeling body. In the far Eastern traditions this "feeling body" would be considered the second chakra. In the lost Pacific Continent of Lemuria this would be known as "pictures". Now think of "light" as the "mental body," the third chakra. In the Atlantean tradition this would be "words".

Take the musical group ​The Moody Blues for instance; they, as the "sound," are supported by the Electric "Light" Orchestra (the sacred marriage).​

My approach through art is in exploring a spiritual and shamanistic return to Source through the medium of Collage. Collage... a piece of art made by adhering various materials onto a backing. The Origin is early 20th century: from French, literally means "gluing".

I am inspired through this medium of collage, in that for me the context allows for an unlimited multidimensional experience that manifests in front of the eyes of the observer! Dissolving space and time, allowing magic to enter on it's own. Beyond conscious levels, permitting the super, and subconscious levels to seemingly appear from "out-of-the-blue" to merge and co-create with the conscious in producing a piece (peace) of art.

I propose that each piece of art that I create contains an aura of understated elegance in nature; this is known as "Shibumi." Colored magazine pages become an instant infinite palette of color and images providing surprising juxtapositions that seem to "just happen" at times, which allow for deeper levels to be experienced. Without which, these creations would have been phase-locked into a more limited egoic presentation. A bypass so to speak has been created around a linear limitation. This bypass for me is like a form of soul essence being breathed into each piece...a living piece of art.

Collage increases my levels of trust in the development of a piece; invariably an important scrap of paper will disappear just when I am ready to glue it down. I have learned to surrender to the bigger picture that another piece of paper will appear in a day, week, or even a month later...always an "octave above" and beyond what the lost piece of paper represented; as if comparing a Model T with the Maserati. 

Through juxtaposition, collage allows for transmutation and transfiguration of negatively induced conditioned pictures, and words, thus transforming them into consciousness raiSING melting pots for the mind, heart, and journey of the soul.
Be, feel, and enjoy the return to your S.O.U.R.C.E. through the S.H.O.W.

       S. Sacred
        O. Original
                     U. Understanding
           R. Radiating
        C. Celestial
        E. Essence

      S. Several
   H. Hints
   O. Offer
        W. Wonder

PSonn AllureA of the Anza Borrego

"Distance is but an illusion of the mind
as endless love
is the only reality the true heart can know".

The Artist PSonn Allure a

PSonn's Art is available in many forms.
Images may be placed on personal cards and envelopes, to share with your most cherished ones.
Giclee, aluminum prints, along with framed and signed limited edition prints all are available.

Note: Originals will be available upon by request and approval with the artist.
Feasts of color... 
A lovely example utilizing an Eckhart Tolle quote...
PSonn's Shaman's Magical Treasure Chest...
"Halley's  Comet"

Centered Watercolor Framed by Collage
"Share the Journey"

"Sky Dancing"


This piece is collaged front, and  back, thus creating two separate images.

Framed in plexi-glass wire rope suspension. 

"Woman Re-membered"


"Image of Charley Russell's Wife"

Venus de Milo in pastel
by ARhAyas PSonn AllureA 

"Sleeping Beauty"


Contemporary Rite of Passage...

An operable glass door within this creation...